Sunday, June 16, 2013

No Shame to Cry

Just a little note before I start gabbing away... I would like to thank my friend Abbie for my background for my blog.  It is a studio print that she created from one of our engagement photos a few years ago.  It was presented to me and Alex as a wedding gift, and it is now hanging on our living room wall.  The title of the print is "My Cup Runneth Over."  This is why I think that it is the perfect background, as it is a reminder to have an attitude of gratitude!

I am at work tonight, and I can't help but reach my heart out to someone I have met here.  When I came into his room for the first time tonight, I told him that I noticed that he seemed depressed.  I thought he had been crying the night before, and the dayshift nurse thought he had been crying too.  I asked him if there was someone he would like to talk to (like a chaplain...), or even if he wanted to talk to me.  Immediately, the tears welled up in his eyes and he choked on his own words.  "I just want to get better!"  That's all he could say.  "I know.  You're tired of all that is going on.  You want to be out of here in the warm sunshine.  I would want the same thing.  I would want to be spending time with my friends and family.  I would want anything other than this,"  I responded.  So I asked him if we could pray together and he said yes.

That's how I started my shift tonight--thanking God for this man's life, and asking Him to heal this man that I only knew from here.  So far, he has been resting well tonight.  I really hopes that he gets to leave here soon.

Lesson learned: Blessing others in His name blesses me.

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